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 Article sur le SingFest par AsiaOne

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Article sur le SingFest par AsiaOne Empty
MessageSujet: Article sur le SingFest par AsiaOne   Article sur le SingFest par AsiaOne EmptyVen 6 Aoû 2010 - 5:28

Citation :
Rocking antics at final day of SingFest
Fri, Aug 06, 2010

"Today is the greatest day I've ever known": Smashing Pumpkins

And what a day it was. The third and final night of SingFest featured the likes of Great Spy Experiment, Hail The Villain, Ian Brown, The Vines, 30 Seconds to Mars and Smashing Pumpkins rocking up Fort Canning Park.

As Jared Leto, frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars said: "We are going to jump so high that when we're done with the place, there's going to be crater that 1,000 years from now, people are going to wonder what happened...This hill is going to be a flat park".

Singapore showed that it is a nation that rocks hard, especially with the best turnout for the last night and the massive 7,000 strong crowd at Slash's concert earlier in the week.

The young rockers were into American band, 30 Seconds from Mars, and had a chance to get close to the band when Leto asked about 20 members of the audience to join him on stage for his last song.

The all stood behind him, a few sneaking up to touch him ever so often, and jumped, sang along and cheered to his closing track "King and Queens".

Other crowd favourites were "This is War" and "The Kill".

Leto also noticed a mosh-pit developing at one point and encouraged those in the middle to join in and get crazy.

He also noted that mosh-pits weren't the norm in Singapore.

However, what caught AsiaOne's eye were the girls on the right hand side of the stage who moved to every tune and looked the part of 'groupies'.

Groupies are die-hard fans who follow their band everywhere. Those who are female and who manage to get in with the 'correct' crowd may end up getting really close with band mates, if you understand what we mean.

These girls with long dark hair and model-esque figures were constantly on the side of the stage, dressed in rock gear - knee high boots, black and grey outfits with silver and black leather accessories.

There were five groupie-looking girls - and five members in the band. We'll let you do the math.

Australian band The Vines, who came on before 30 Seconds to Mars, got the crowd somewhat rocking, but for me, the only memorable moment was when lead singer, Craig Nicholls, made what seemed like a feeble attempt to smash his guitar.

He seemed concerned that the equipment around him was expensive and as much as he tossed the guitar about, he couldn't quite smash it and instead threw it up and let it land sadly on the stage floor.

Not that much damage there, rock-notoriety-standards-wise.

The band that I had been waiting for were Smashing Pumpkins, with Billy Corgan as the only original band member left.

He actually brought tears to my eyes when he said, "This is for all the old 'skool' Smashing Pumpkin fans" and proceeded to sing what I remember them for - "Tonight", "Bullet with Butterfly Wings","Disarm" and "1979".

Those teenage grunge years came rushing back and the love I had for Smashing Pumpkins deserved a watery eye tribute.

Their second song was "Today", which set the tone for the evening - that being the greatest day ever known.

Corgan's antics for the evening were playing one guitar on the edge of the stage, meaning he used the edge of the stage to strum his guitar, and used his teeth to play his guitar - so cliche, yet so fabulous.

He also pulled out a ukulele and sang "Love is the Sweetest Thing". Very refreshing!

Much later, Corgan actually threw the ukulele into the audience and a very lucky, long-time Smashing Pumpkins fan, 32-year-old Marc Lim, caught it.

Grr, we are so jealous.

Source via ontd_30stm @ LJ

A vrai dire je ne ferai pas de traduction car ça parle surtout des fans qu'il fait monter sur scène pour K&Q, des groupies et du fait que le moshpit ne semble pas être une norme à Singapoure... rassurez vous les gars, chez nous non plus Rire2
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Article sur le SingFest par AsiaOne
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