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 ITW Shannon [février 2004 ]

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ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] Empty
MessageSujet: ITW Shannon [février 2004 ]   ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] EmptyMer 27 Mar 2013 - 10:56

Suite à un lien posté sur fb par une certaine Fiona Whitling, je suis arrivée sur ce site

Je suis pas sûre que ce soit quelque chose d'officiel mais il y a une interview de Shannon tout seul, c'est assez rare pour l'évoquer ! Il parle de Matt, de Tomo, du fait qu'il ne connaisse absolument pas les paroles de ce qu'ils jouent, prendre des risques, que l'Echelon est fait de gens réfléchis, l'éventualité de passer à la production si le groupe devient trop banal et chiant...

Citation :
ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] S10
Shannon Leto greets me with his usual warmth and takes off with the enthusiastic stride of a man on a mission, urging me to keep up. We end up in one of the backrooms at The Scene in San Diego. We were originally supposed to meet up for the interview in Anaheim two nights before but the Leto brothers had run out of gas on their way to the venue and as a result, had to reschedule. You can't help but laugh when you have to set a new date all because two boys thought they would try their luck. I could just imagine the scenario. Should we stop for gas? Naw, we'll make it. Clunk, clunk.

Shannon: [Makes a face] Nice couch.

Kind of like my second hand one when I first moved out.
[It's a disgusting yellow couch, dilapidated and stained with every color under the sun]
Shannon: I know this thing is like... I wonder what has happened on this couch.
[Laughs] I don't want to put my bare skin on it.

Well you could but...
Shannon: [Cringes as if he's deeply offended] 'Cause it's really discolored man and it's funky!

Well you could put down a towel or a blanket or something?
Shannon: [Looks around] I know man, I got to do that!

The Roxy Show was last night. How was it for you?
Shannon: It was amazing. Last night was amazing!

It was very energetic.
Shannon: We had a nice little connection going with everybody!

Everyone definitely had a great time. How's the tour going for you so far?
Shannon: It's going great. This will be our third show with Chevelle. They are really great guys and their fans have been really great as well. Actually, it's funny because I'm still stuck in the 'just starting out' mindset but half the people are there to see us, so it's really kind of exciting in a way. I was gonna say, well their fans are really accepting of us but wait a minute, they actually are!

Well it certainly seems to be working for you.
Shannon: It does seem like it's working. It's a great combination and all of our fans are intermingling.

Is it a fairly complicated ordeal to hook up with a band that fits the niche?
Shannon: [Nods] Yeah it is.

It must be frustrating when you don't get that proper connection with people.
Shannon: Absolutely. We played a couple of shows with this band once and they were totally different in style. Their fans were really heavy and hardcore so it was a really...intense experience for us. I mean they were like [puts on low demonic voice] fucking get off the stage! and they had death metal shirts on.

I know very well that he is referring to the tour dates that the band had embarked on with certain "heavy rockers" but I don't dare bring it up because I figure there is a reason he doesn't. (Perhaps the wounds are still too fresh?) I remember reading some of the war-wound stories which 30STM fans reported to the rest of us from the frontlines of those seemingly brutal nights where two musical styles did not by any means, blend seamlessly.

Shannon: So thaaaat's kinda difficult!

Yeah but you guys are really good at working the crowd
Shannon: Yeah

So I'm sure you won them over.
Shannon: Yeah we did but at first it was kinda gnarly.

Most drummers can't stand still for long and Shannon is no exception, he is nervously fidgeting with his pass.

Do you still get nervous before a show?
Shannon: No. I get more... excited than anything. I get excited, amped!

You know something? You've really changed your playing style.
Shannon: [Sits straight up] really?

Yeah, you seem to be a lot more confident and definitely more animated. It was really fitting last night when Jared introduced you as 'animal.'
Shannon: [Doesn't quite know what to say] Right.

Do you notice your style changing?
Shannon: Umm, I just do what I do and it's a natural progression. I guess over time, I start getting a little more comfortable with the live aspect of it all. So yeah, there's probably...definitely some changes taking place.

Yeah you seem to be 'into it' a lot more. I caught you singing along.
Shannon: oh yeah? Ha ha ha! [Fidgets nervously with his truckers' cap and blushes] I got caught! [Laughs]

So you're finally learning the lyrics huh?
Shannon: [More embarrassed laughter] Finally!

Shannon: I don't even know the lyrics on the album. Isn't that funny?

Come on, really?
Shannon: Yeah!

But you do know the first couple of songs you play!
Shannon: Yeah [We both erupt in laughter] that's probably all I know! What you see is probably all I know!

Well you really look like your enjoying yourself every time you're up there.
Shannon: I have a greeeeat time up there! I looove, I love doing what I do! Love it!

What is one thing that would really surprise 30STM fans?
Shannon: What would be a surprise? Hmm I don't know what would surprise them. That Matthew's really a girl! [Laughs] He's a female!

I already heard that one!
Shannon: Yeah? [Feigns disappointment] Oh!

That's no surprise, try again.
Shannon: and that Tomo know...really a...Tomo's cool! You like Tomo?

Hell Yeah! (What's not to like?)
Shannon: He's cool right?

Well, everyone was very apprehensive at first.
Shannon: Of course, I would be. I was! 'Cause you never know what's gonna happen. But he's cool. He's mellow but he's very pleasant.

It's so funny cause he's so mellow off stage but on stage he's a whole different human being. The performer comes out and he just does his thing. He's very entertaining.
Shannon: yeah! He's a great guy.

Is he going to be involved in the next album?
Shannon: We'll see, 'cause you never know. Things happen obviously right? So we'll see.

Has he blended in or is he still trying to find his place in the band?
Shannon: We'll see.

Some people think that you've only been working with him for two weeks. You've obviously been working with him a lot longer than that.
Shannon: Tomo's a huge fan of the music and he learned the whole album and then he approached us because he.....heard. We auditioned him and it worked.

The album is so technical and focused and it has such a big sound. How do you make sure you don't overdo it when you translate it to your live show?
Shannon: Well, we have rehearsals before we go on tour and we see what works and what doesn't and we do everything that feels natural. It's a work in progress you know what I mean? You have the record and then you have the live performance and I mean everything on the record comes from...we created everything, every sound, everything and we play all of it live. We don't play to a tape or anything like that. We like more of the organic feel and I think that transcends itself live.

Yes it really does.
Shannon: Sometimes with a lot of music, they have a lot of technical aspects to it and that's basically all it is. It's technical and electronicky or they try to incorporate the acoustic with the technical and it sounds all girly but I think we did a good job of doing both and of balancing everything out so that we don't go too far with it.

Just do what feels natural?
Shannon: Yeah we just do what's natural like you said, what's comfortable.

There are very few bands that really do that well and people don't want to hear the album verbatim.
Shannon: I couldn't imagine myself playing exactly what's on the album every night. I'm not that guy; I'm not that drummer. I will not...can't see myself doing that, so I take the foundation of the album and then I play over that. You know what I mean? I fiddle with that live. When I'm playing, I'm a pretty emotional drummer's like whatever comes out through the way that I'm feeling at that moment is just really spontaneous.

So you just go out there and go with the basics?
Shannon: Right and then I add some colors in there and dance around it.

Is there some place where you want to play that you haven't yet? Your dream venue?
Shannon: Hmm...where would we want to play? We're doing it right now! Right here, we're doing it! But I want to play in front of, I don't know, like 100,000 people.

Do you really?
Shannon: I think it would be great to have that collective conscious

Did you enjoy playing the arena shows?
Shannon: Yeah it was great!

Larger or smaller venues, which do you prefer?
Shannon: Our music works really well, it's different, I mean...we reach a lot of people in an arena and our music is big enough to be in an arena. Then you have the small clubs and that's intimate and more personable. They're both great though. Great. Love 'em both! I want to play everywhere.

Now that you're getting bigger and bigger is it going to be possible to keep that intimacy level?
Shannon: Yeah, why not? I want to keep that connection. I want to keep that. I want to keep that intimacy with our fans and the people that understand us. The day I stop talking to people that listen to the music, my music, that'll be a weird day. You know what I mean? 'Cause it just goes hand in hand and it just makes sense. Unless it gets too crazy and there's like, people that get a little bit too psychotic because that's a reality too, especially in the business that we're in. People get like... until that day, I don't see any reason why.
Citation :
You guys really took your time recording the album. How important was it to for you to come out as fully formed musicians? Was this something that was done strategically so that you wouldn't have that "first album" sound to it?
Shannon: Yeah, it was really done strategically. It took a long time to make the album.

How long did it take?
Shannon: Well, all of our lives in a sense but the recording process was a couple years, two years.

Shannon: [He laughs as if only just realizing it for the first time] Yeah!

So when did you bring Bob Ezrin into the picture?
Shannon: We brought him in a year after we were signed and we really wanted him. We made a wish list and he was at the top of the list and when he called, we were like 'oh my god!' We met him and then we had to wait for him because he was involved with something else. During the waiting process we were molding our sound even more. Everything's always changing you know? Everything's always moving and developing.

Did you plan on involving him that much with the album? He plays piano on Mission right?
Shannon: No we didn't plan it. He's a really musical guy and when you're in the studio, things just kinda happen. You try things, you know what I mean? He knew how to play the piano and we thought it would be amazing to have him play. It seemed like the right thing to do for the song.

Is it music first, lyrics first or a combination?
Shannon: It depends it could be lyrics, could be music but basically music first.

It almost sounds cliché but when you're listening to the album, there is so much imagery that you feel as if you are going on a journey. Is that something that you...
Shannon: Intentionally put in there?

Shannon: Well, we've always been involved with imagination, and painting a picture. We've always been into people interpreting things for themselves. I like interpreting things my own way, and not being force fed information and I think that just happened naturally within the album. I think the music does paint a picture through the choices we made and the notes we chose to put down. Our goal was reached by you saying that there's some imagery that comes up. I don't think we consciously did it, I think it subconsciously came out that way since we were always into that type of thing. You know, like listening to conceptual albums, really ethereal stuff and using your imagination to go on like...a little journey, as you would say. I think that just naturally came up and happened that way.

What were the top 3 things you wanted to get out of the album?
Shannon: Well, direction - we wanted to...we just wanted to have a fresh, clean, new, energetic and thought provoking album.

Well, you achieved that.
Shannon: Thank you.

Do you guys do any recording on the road? Do you have anything set up on the bus? Protools or the like?
Shannon: We diddle...We're diddling with some new stuff. We've got 8 contestants for our next album and we're gonna write a bunch more.

So you guys do actually record on the road?
Shannon: Sometimes on the road, sometimes off. Sometimes with the Protools rig that we have...sometimes just a tape recorder or through a phone if we have to capture an idea off the top of our heads. You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, yeah. I know sometimes, it's not worth even hooking it up. Getting it going is more frustrating than anything else.
Shannon: That's how I feel!

You guys are doing Bjork's 'Hunter' during your live shows but would you ever do a cover song on the album like the way Johnny Cash covered Nine Inch Nails' 'Hurt?'
Shannon: I dunno...never is like...I don't ever really say it but it's a possibility.

Are you going to keep using midi and working it into your sound? You don't see bands using midi triggers in a live performance...
Shannon: They use tape.

They use tape!
Shannon: Nah! I definitely believe in using midi and doing everything organic, physically doing it.

But doesn't it make it more difficult?
Shannon: Of course! It's more challenging but I don't care. For me, I think playing the tape takes away some of the energy. It's more robotic for some reason and it's a little too lazy for me. You know NIN does it really well though, I mean they're...

But they incorporate it as part of their...
Shannon: Exactly

That's NIN
Shannon: That's their deal. They're the only ones that can do it right? [He says it in such a strange way that we both begin to laugh] Really, really! but I like everything to be physical in our live performance.

Are you the only one triggering?
Shannon: No. Matt's triggering through his keyboard and Tomo's doing some triggering.

Did Tomo play the keyboard before or did he just learn the parts?
Shannon: No! He's played piano before. He's a piano player. He certainly knows how to do the stuff.

Is midi something that you will always have?
Shannon: Maybe, maybe not.

Or are you ever going to switch to a simpler rock 'n roll?
Shannon: I don't know. Our next album is going to be more stripped down. Yeah, it' going to be stripped down.

Approximate release date? When do you think it's going to come out?
Shannon: I'm not sure when it's going to come out but it's gonna be definitely a little rawer. We don't want to corner ourselves with any genre or any type of music. We want to be able to do anything we want to do and that's that. You know what I mean? We want to do what we want to do musically.

Just keep it going.
Shannon: Yeah, keep it going if we use electronics or if we don't use electronics...

So that's not something that is important to your sound?
Shannon: [Becomes animated] It's not like you have to do it...not like you have to use electronics because we're an electronic band it's nothing like that. It's whatever we're feeling. There's emotions, there's humanity involved. Technology doesn't run us. We work technology, technology doesn't work us.

Do you play any other instruments other than the drums?
Shannon: Yeah!

What do you play?
shannon: Guitar, piano.

Are you going to bring that onto the next album?
shannon: We all do in our own way, you know, we all bring stuff to the table.

Have you been playing for a long time or did you just recently pick it up?
Shannon: I just started playing it in the past couple years you know...whenever there's a guitar lying around. I'm playing on the bus and whenever there's a piano around, I'll be playing that as well. I love it. I love the piano; you just get lost in it. Music is so cool in that you just lose yourself in it you know...the notes and the melody.

I know. I can pick up my bass for a while and all of a sudden...
Shannon: I know, that's fun!

Shit, I'm late for work again!
Shannon: Yeah! [We both laugh] That's crazy! That's crazy!

So what are you listening to these days?
Shannon: New bands?

Shannon: New bands...I like The Used.

You like The Used?
Shannon: Yes I do. The Used is cool. Now what else do I like? Hmm...there's nothing else that I like that's new.

What about stuff that we wouldn't expect?
Shannon: That you wouldn't expect? Umm I like everything man. I like all types of music, literally

A broad spectrum? Do you like 80's stuff?
Shannon: yeah. I really do. I love the 80's, 70's, 60's all that. Well the 60's not so much... [Contorts face] but uh 90's...yeah, I like a lot of things.

Okay so what's the 1st album that made you want to do this? What's the 1st thing that changed everything for you?
Shannon: It wasn't an album. I think it was just the collective of all my experiences and I don't's just when I started doing it, it just made sense you know?

Have you always wanted to do this?
Shannon: Yeah, I think so but it wasn't was weird. I was a weird kid. I played the drums, I did music, I played guitar, I took pictures, I painted pictures. I did a lot of things but I didn't really have any direction because I liked everything and still do. But as far as when I started taking this seriously and became a drummer in a band it just happened. One day it just made sense. I don't know if...I can't even explain it but it's like 'ah! This is what I'm supposed to be doing right now!'

So it just happened
Shannon: Yeah but I also take pictures you know. I did all the art you know.

I know
Shannon: and I take...I just like so many things. I like to do...I like to write and...[He stops talking and I get the sense that he is feeling like he went a little too far so I don't dig any further]
Citation :
When you took the pictures for the album, the way it was laid out, it could have easily turned into a Gap ad or something but it didn't. Was it challenging to give it that rawness?
Shannon: Yeah, yeah, yeah! [Excitedly] The way I take pictures is raw. I definitely like to approach it that way, in a real manner. I like to capture the reality of any situation.

But they were posed?
Shannon: Yeah but I made sure that they weren't too posey. We just had a good time that day. It was just a bunch of kids and we were all hanging out climbing trees and you know, eating food and dressing 'em up. It all just happened really naturally you know? It was just great.

[Chevelle begins soundcheck in background]
Speaking of kids, if you were to teach a music appreciation class to them, what CD would force them to listen to?
Shannon: Yeah... I would say [He pauses] Led Zeppelin's 'Song Remains The Same,' the live version. Umm I would say...The Who but...which album? Maybe 'Who's Next' I don't know but I'd say [He plays with his cap and thinks] There's so many...U2, I would say the Cure, I would say...

Notice how you haven't said anything new? Right now music in general is so disposable.
Shannon: No, I know. There's nothing new.

What can a music lover do to change that?
Shannon: People need to think a little more man. People need to really just sloooow down, be patient and dig deep and just take risks 'cause it is so disposable like you said and like we always say...we say that all the time! People just need to slow down.

Slow down to take control of it?
Shannon: Yeah cause it's within our power to do that.

People just sit there and take their top 40 because that's what's fed to them and they walk away without an understanding of the whole process.
Shannon: I know! And it's getting worse! I mean, our society and this whole information age with the Internet, it's just's awful what's going on.

But do you think it's up to the musician to change it or do you think the fans have the ability to change it?
Shannon: It depends on the person. If you're that person to want to change it or to want to voice it to others, then you'll do that. And if you're a musician and you're doing far as I'm concerned, speaking for us, we'll voice it. Obviously we're doing something different and obviously there's a lot going on with us and we're that band to get into it with people.

So you believe in feeding it constantly? Do you think that's the best way?
Shannon: Yeah, constantly. It's a natural thing for us because we honestly believe in what we're doing. If people understand it, then they get involved but if they don't then they won't. We're not here to change the face of the world. We're just doing what we're doing and it seems like there's some people that share our ideas.

How important is the Echelon to you?
The most important! 'Cause those are the people that are the thinkers. Those are the people that do think out of the bubble. Those are the people that are willing to take chances and they're unique. I mean, we're all in the Echelon you know? We're unique to this society and right now, they keep the 30 Seconds To Mars machine going and they're great. I love them [exaggerated] you know? I love them!

I've seen how appreciative they are that you make yourselves so accessible.
Shannon: We're all in it together you know?

Do you ever get a laugh out of it when you hear people compare the echelon to a cult?
Shannon: No. I don't laugh at it because I can understand why people say that.

I remember reading threads on the bands official message board made by strangers accusing everyone in the Echelon of being in a cult. One thread went even so far as to compare Jared to Jesus and 30STM fans to his disciples.

Chevelle begins to play 'Send The Pain Below' and for a moment, we both sit there and listen to them.

So is it a cult?
Shannon: huh?

It's a good cult! [We both laugh]

Are you going to get them more involved or will people be left to their own devices?
Shannon: I think people will know what to do and will do what they want to do. They'll get involved as much as they want to; to be as creative as much as they need to. I think thus far with the Echelon, we're lucky have such creative, thoughtful, generous people like that to be a part of this 30 Seconds To Mars thing.

The Echelon is very unique in that they aren't people that just sit around and gossip about the band. You have something where it's a conglomeration of people who actually get out there and work. Was that the plan? Was it planned that way?
Shannon: [Flashes a "crazed man" grin]

Okay! [We both laugh] Oh how a face can say a million words! I'm just curious about it because I think your approach is extremely unique and original. People take note of that.
Shannon: Which is great, that's our goal man. It's just one of our many goals. Just to do something different I always say, it's just the natural way of going about it in our lives and it's just the way we interact with everything. The way I live my life is the way that is interpreted on the album. That's the way it is.

So your life experiences are on the album?
Definitely, there's a part of us for sure.

Was it always planned to bring in the "Mars Amy" and the whole military theme to everything?
Shannon: There's some definite intention with all of that and it's also just the way that things naturally flowed, you know what I mean? But yeah, there's definitely some intent involved in that one.

I know that your image and the way that people perceive you is very important to you. Once you stand behind something you don't back down. It must get frustrating at times?
Shannon: Yeah it could if I were preoccupied...I just don't have any control over people, places and things so I try not to let it get to me. I try not to get caught up in that.

Deal with it and move on?
Shannon: Yeah, just let it go. I just don't have the energy to deal with it. It's kinda pointless.

Where do you guys go from here? Just to tomorrow?
Shannon: We're just focusing on right now you know, this second, just what's in front of us...and uh...

This section was omitted from the interview for reasons that cannot be given but I can however say that during this time, Shannon flashed yet another one of his "crazed man grin."


There's a perception that you guys have total control over everything. Do you say what starts at point A and ends at Point B and everything in between?
Shannon - absolutely 100%

Shannon: Yeah

That's awesome
Shannon: These are our lives, you know what I mean? I don't want to have anybody interpret our lives.

Well some bands let people take control over their careers.
Shannon: I know but that's what I mean, it's disposable, there's no depth. I couldn't ever see anybody taking control. It's just not...I wouldn't be doing it. I wouldn't. If somebody was to...

So was it hard to get to that point?
Shannon: No, we were like that from the very beginning and yeah, there's definitely some pushing and pulling and all that at times but we prevail and we know that we want. We're definitely focused, committed and we'll persevere through anything.

There are many people that work at jobs they don't care for. If this were to become a 9-5 paper-pushing job, would you stop and try other things?
Shannon: Well, I do other things too so...I don't just do this, there are other things I do.

Some musicians treat music as their jobs even after the passion is gone.
Shannon: But it's more than my job. If it became mundane you mean? Well yeah! If it became mundane and boring... yeah, probably something would happen.

You mentioned many passions. So at this point, what would you do?
Shannon: [Without hesitation] I would take pictures. I love music though.

Would you get into producing?
Shannon: Probably. Probably yeah... [He begins to change his tone as if it never occurred to him before that producing was an option] Definitely, for sure 'cause music is such a great language!

It keeps people going.
Shannon: Yeah, it's the most important thing in the world.

Why should people out there who know nothing about 30 Seconds To Mars care about 30 Seconds To Mars?
Shannon: They shouldn't. I mean if they don't know anything, why should they? I don't think people should do anything. They should do what they want to do and that's that. I mean, I think we do offer something new, fresh, exciting, just different, more thought provoking then what's going on right now and then in turn if you're listening, it makes you self-explore. You know what I mean? I think it makes people go inside themselves. Our music and our whole world, makes people dig deep and think more.

Here's a little bit of a trick question: Complete this sentence.
Shannon: Complete what?

Complete this sentence. [I try to keep a straight face]
Shannon: With what question?

It's up to Shannon.
Shannon: Complete this...

Complete this sentence [I laugh because I can play the "non-conformist game" that 30STM are so well known for too]
Shannon: Complete this sentence? [Makes a face] I'm so confused. What do you mean?

Come on Shan, first thing that comes to mind, complete this sentence.
Shannon: With what question? I just did!

I know! I just had to do that!
Shannon: OHHH! [Laughs]

I just wanted to throw you a loop because interviews get so "tell me this and this and that." It shouldn't be so mechanical.
Shannon: yeah, yeah, yeah. The interviews I like are like conversations instead of like rahrahrah and then you go through the tape, pick it out and make it right. That's what I like!

You have to find something original other than saying are all drummers dysfunctional? You do have to dig a bit deeper.
Shannon: Yeah dance around it hmm.

Wait a minute, ARE all drummers dysfunctional?
[Laughter erupts in the room as Shannon once again smirks like a crazed man]

Okay try this: if you could have the attention of the world for 1 minute, what would you say?
Shannon: I would say slow down. I'd say think things through and just live in the moment. Enjoy every moment like it's your last.

So is there one thing about any of this that you regret? Or do you have absolutely no regrets?
Shannon: No regrets. I don't live with any regrets. Nothing.

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ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] Empty
MessageSujet: Re: ITW Shannon [février 2004 ]   ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] EmptyMer 27 Mar 2013 - 20:59

Merci Audrey pour cette trouvaille ! Fleurs

C'est rare d'avoir une itw de Shannon seul, et surtout une si longue interview. C'était vraiment intéressant à lire !
Quand on voit ses réponses, on se dit que c'était quand même une autre époque...
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ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] Empty
MessageSujet: Re: ITW Shannon [février 2004 ]   ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] EmptyMer 27 Mar 2013 - 21:31

De rien ! Clin d\'oeil

Sur le même site, il y a une review de février 2004 et ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] 988709 je veuuuux !!

Citation :
WHO: 30 Seconds to Mars
WHEN: February 21, 2004
WHERE: The Roxy - West Hollywood, CA

Just about a year ago to the date, 30STM played to a sold out crowd at the Roxy in West Hollywood. Same band, same venue but an entirely different experience.

Unlike the last time they played when there was no opening band, after a much delayed start we were aroused a bit by a 3-piece band out of New York known as Darling. Right off, you could tell the crowd had already become impatient from the hours standing in the rain and were not necessarily in any mood to give Darling a chance, or any other band besides 30STM for that matter. Darling were certainly unlike what most in the crowd are presumably used to hearing, but I thought Darling was fun. Surely, a lot better than some of the previous show openers. With an '80s dance sound and back up dancers to accentuate their tongue in cheek borderline cheesiness, how can one not get the urge to dance along with the beats of the drum machine?

After Darling's set, the robots were thoroughly geared up for one band and one band only... 30 SECONDS TO MARS.

After making their legions stand in the freezing wet cold for hours, the band that the hundreds came out to see finally took the stage. It had been about six months since the band last played a show. There were surprises in store for the night and everyone was anxious to see and hear what those might be. In those six months, the band seemed to have grown more in tune with their instruments and with one another.

I always find myself observing Matt Wachter on bass - there's just something about the way he performs and the interactions he has on stage with his band mates. It's not any one thing that I can put my finger on, but it truly is something that makes the band who they are and definitely a big reason why they have such a devoted audience. It has been about a year since Tomo Milicivitch first joined the band and it should be noted that he has finally made the left side of the stage his own. Raising his arm in true rock star fashion and leaping about as if he were going to jump right off the stage, Mr. Tomo has indeed found his niche.

The first of the surprises came midway through the set... as the lights went dim, you could faintly make out a puffy headed silhouette moving up on stage. When the lights came up, Mikey Einziger, guitarist extraordinare of the band Incubus appeared. He joined them in playing an absolutely breathtaking version of U2's 'Where the Streets Have No Name'. The song had been played previously at the House of Blues Anaheim show two days prior but Einziger did not accompany them that day. And, tonight his guitar work made this performance truly legendary. His first strums on the guitar undoubtedly sent chills up and down many spines. Not usually a band to do covers, 30STM nailed this one down beautifully!

As always during 'Echelon,' Shannon Leto radiates even more on the drums and it's hard to focus on anyone or anything else. His fierce pounding and vigorous movements capture the eyes of everyone in the room.

After the band played 'Buddha for Mary', vocalist Jared Leto announced that we all should stick around for something that they have planned. The curtains closed for five minutes and when they opened again, there we found Jared seated solely with guitar in hand, accompanied by a string quartet. Jared announced that he is nervous about playing this new song, most likely because it was the first time they had ever really played anything acoustic live. Well my friend, you have nothing to worry about because the song was nearly impeccable. The new song, titled 'Myth,' is more of a ballad than anything. Jared's voice has never sounded better. It would be safe to say that Jared's voice has unquestionably enhanced over the past year. I know we've said it before but every time we see this band live, their music just makes that much more sense... and this time was no different.

The lyrics of the new song also seem to be a change for Jared, going from songs with much imagery and metaphors to something more straightforward and real. 'Capricorn' ended the show, again accompanied by the orchestra on stage. It's great to see that the band can change up their songs and make it work. The acoustic-ish beginning to 'Capricorn' and ending with full on energy from the string quartet and 30, I don't think anyone can ever look and listen to this song the same way again. We've been spoiled by this night of magnificence!

The band are about to hibernate into the studio to begin working on some new music and if its anything like what we heard played, there will be definite anticipation
streaming from this side of the screen. -Ginabrits

Edge of the Earth
End of the Beginning
Where the Streets Have No Name
The Mission
93 Million Miles
Buddha for Mary


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Citation :
Edge of the Earth
End of the Beginning
Where the Streets Have No Name
The Mission
93 Million Miles
Buddha for Mary

Vous m'avez perdu là ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] 988709
Je veux remonter le temps !!!!
Kiffme Kiffme
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Nan mais faut arrêter de ressortir ce genre d'interview et de setlist de rêve! ça fait du mal aux gens, faut arrêter!! ITW Shannon [février 2004 ] 988709
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Anyway a écrit:
Merci Audrey pour cette trouvaille ! Fleurs

C'est rare d'avoir une itw de Shannon seul, et surtout une si longue interview. C'était vraiment intéressant à lire !
Quand on voit ses réponses, on se dit que c'était quand même une autre époque...

Rien d'autre à rajouter à part : AMEN !

Merci les filles pour vos trouvailles happy
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D'ailleurs si quelqu'un avait le temps de nous faire une jolie trad' je suis preneuse Oops
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Omg la setlist <3 En effet, ça fait mal au coeur de lire ça! Par contre y'a des chansons plus récentes qui aurait manqué à cette setlist (genre Hurricane, Dieu que je l'aime!!)
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ITW Shannon [février 2004 ]
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